Here's how one mistake in a job offer letter cost this startup thousands

When Ben Landers, president and CEO of Blue Corona Inc., tweaked a standard job offer letter to give a prospective new employee, he thought he was saving himself money and time by not running it by an attorney first.

Star Trek’s unique deal allows home auteurs to go where no fan film has gone before

The settlement of a copyright
lawsuit against the producer of 
Star Trek fan films resulted in
guidelines for future fan efforts
that attempt to strike a balance
between encouraging fans’
passion and protecting studios’ intellectual property.
Wharton Magazine

A drinkable feast

Here's a topic for debate the next time you’re enjoying a cold one —has there ever been a better time to drink beer? As the craft beer industry booms and “Big Beer” responds, Wharton grads lead the way.

College career recruitment -- with a fee

Traditionally, college career centers were
free or low-cost sources for companies
looking for the next fresh face. But what
if that changed? It's happening already
at San Jose State University. 


Writer and E​ditor


Recruiting at a hackathon? 5 tips for success

Looking for a first peek at the new tech talent? Don’t wait for a job fair. Get thee to a hackathon. These 24- to 36-hour marathon programming sessions are a great way to look at how new minds solve problems.

Pennsylvania Gazette

Dogfish Head gets a new head

There’s no such thing as a typical day for Nick Benz EAS’96.
“You come in thinking you have a structure to the day, but when you get into it, you’re ad-libbing your way through it,” he says. Not that he’s complaining. Benz, who took over as CEO of the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery last October, ad-libs pretty well.

Philadelphia SmartCEO

Brewing streak

How two childhood friends launched Victory Brewing, Philadelphia’s first craft brewery, and built it into the
​28th-largest craft brewer in the U.S.


Craft beer’s recent spate of lawsuits has
​beer drinkers hopping mad

When Port Brewing sued Moylan’s Brewing of Novato, California in 2010 for using a distinctive Celtic cross tap handle design, Port’s Tomme Arthur didn’t expect craft beer fans to respond with an online flash mob of anger.
Philadelphia SmartCEO

Come stay awhile

Philly wasn’t always a destination
town, but Visit Philadelphia has
sparked an unprecedented surge
in civic pride, tourism and
international recognition.

'What Exit' Winery sues to make
N.J. Turnpike Authority stay in its own lane

David-and-Goliath narratives often capture
the public’s imagination, but what’s really
going through a small business owner’s
mind when he decides to take on a
much-larger adversary in court?
Pennsylvania Gazette

Leading the fight against childhood cancer

It’s 9 a.m. on a Friday and
John Maris M’89 needs more coffee. 
Dressed casually in jeans and a
button-down shirt, he has already
been at the office for two hours,
a large chunk of which was taken up
by a phone conversation with an insurance company.
Wharton Magazine

Animal attraction

Alumni are bringing the
Wharton pedigree to all facets
of the pet care industry. From
the pet insurance industry to
guiding  the way people care for
their pets, graduates are helping
pet owners be the best they can be.