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Behind the Scenes of Winterthur's
'Antiques Roadshow' Episodes

As I handed my grandmother’s aquamarine ring to "Antiques Roadshow" jewelry appraiser Kevin Zavian at the show’s first filming in Delaware at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, I wondered what he could tell me that I didn’t already know. 
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Fables of the reconstruction

After posing as appraisers of Civil War artifacts on "Antiques Roadshow," former Bryn Mawr collectibles dealer Russ ​Pritchard III and his accomplices bilked several individuals--and a Harrisburg museum--of thousands.
Delaware Today

Inside Winterthur's historical
​conservation efforts

Henry Francis du Pont’s legacy lives on through the Wilmington museum's programs, which are aimed at training
the next generation of antiquities conservationists.
The Washington Post

This rock-and-roll song launched a musical
​genre about kids, cars and crashes

“Teen Angel” became the first teen-tragedy song to reach No. 1
on the charts and paved the way for a distinct, though short-lived,
musical genre about youths dying in car or motorcycle wrecks.​